Tolkar is proud to introduce The State of the Art of Washer Extractors called MIRACLE Series with its new invention “PolyRib ECO Drum” (Patented). The Poly-Rib™ drum, as we named it, is a revolutionary drum structure with multiple small ribs (wings) instead of 3 or 4 large beaters. This drum structure provides a better rubbing action on garments/linens, therefore increasing the effectiveness of dirt removal whereas better rinsing is obtained through rainy/shover effect. It also avoids the occasional problem of tearing of large bed sheets when extracted at very high speeds. Besides it is suitable for delicates by means of multiple ribs.

The ECO™ Drum is also our other revolution in washing technologies. As known by many of you, water shortage is becoming the most important problem in our world at present days. So, TOLKAR has aimed to design completely new system in order to achieve to operate the washing machines with less water up to 50 % and eventually, TOLKAR is proud to introduce the ECO™ Drum. During washing, wherein the passage of water is restricted with the help of PolyRib drum structure; passed water from the drum through lessened perforations to the tub is pumped back into the drum with a circulation pump which is placed under the drum. Comprised invention called ECO Drum that is used along with PolyRib. With said method the gap area between inner drum and tub is completely depleted and no water kept in this area during processes of washing or rinsing. Mentioned gap area equals to 40-50 % of total required water volume of conventional machines and provides 40-50 % savings from required water. By eliminating the unessential water which normally has to be kept in the gap area, water consumption reduces dramatically and depending on saved water, chemical/detergent, heating energy consumptions are reduced as same.

All capacities are capable of exerting 400 G force without any vibration with the help of Smart Balancing System (Patented). Extraction at 400 G saves about 20 % in energy spent on drying or ironing as drying or ironing time reduces dramatically. Again independent of the load distribution within the drum, stable balancing is achieved by Smart Balancing System, thereby almost eliminating the need for restarts. All mechanical parts of the machine are not subject to the fatigue caused by vibration.

Comparing with the conventional washer extractors, Miracle pays back its investment within 6 to 10 months according to installed region conditions. Meet with 21st century’s technologies.