Garment sorting system

The leading low-noise high-quality conveyor system for garment logistics: The system is designed for 30+ years of production with a minimal service requirement and for continuous production flow with the lowest possible employees.

The endless chain-conveyor saves space and transport fast with multiple inlets and exit on the same chain.

Chipreading on the chain-conveyor is possible because the hangers are seperated and transported shoulder-by-shoulder.

Flexible layouts – from the simple sort to the complete logistics system.

The smallest sorting possible on the market

Transport and full sorting

Loading stations with simple-sorting between finisher and folding

Multiple loading stations to unload to finisher or directly to folding machine

Flexible software solutions for both offline and online communication. Optimized to work integrated with >your< administrative system – and no limitations to sort-batch-sizes.

Sortbatches can be as big as the combined buffer-capacity and not just 500 or 2000 pieces.

Flexible layouts and solutions tailored for your building, production and other requirements/wishes!