1-7-2023 LaundryHouse A/S was introduced as a new brand name, after the companies Botved Systems A/S, Repella A/S and DVT merged into one company

With the merge of the companies can LaundryHouse provide a wide range of products with the markets most experienced team.


Botved Systems is a sales and service company that deals in laundry equipment. For many years Botved has been the leading supplier of machines, equipment and systems to the industrial laundries in Denmark.

Botved’s employees are among the most experienced in the laundry industry. We have acquired our experience from countless installations over the years. In collaboration with our customers, we have been actively involved in implementing a number of successful projects.


Repella A/S started up in 1953 with the sale of fabric softeners for laundries. The rinse aids were produced by the sister company Sterling Polish Company A/S. In the years to come, the company developed, and Repella A/S became a supplier of all equipment for the laundry industry.

Earlier on we supplied almost everything to the laundry industry, today we concentrate our activities around the brands Thermopatch, Kennedy Hygiene, as well as a range of accessory products.


DVT has a long tradition in the laundry industry, starting as far back as 1864 as a supplier of chemicals.

DVT has traded Milnor products since 1964, but in recent years has concerted the business with the development of a unique clothing sorting system.